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Club Penguin Questions

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The Ultimate Army of Pretection for Club Penguin UAPCP

Thats Right! i am starting a club penguin army! i will list the uniforms below.

*drummer boy= drum, drum sticks.

*Private=hoodie, blue shoes, hockey stick.

*Medic= flower basket,boots w/ buckle, ear muffs,hoodie.

*Captain=quilted vest,hockey stick,white boots,snow board helmet.

*Major= bull fight shirt,shoes,snow board helmet or earmuffs,hockey stick.

* Colonel=rain coat,snow flake mask,snow boots, hockey stick, anything listed.

*General=pirate shirt,sneakers, any color viking hat*,any wrist item other than watch,cape or backpack.

thats the uniform i’ll add pics once i get my hypercam working again! c ya next time!!!!

if you would like to join please put your penguin name in a comment and meet me at the ice burg in american server mamoth on staurday 1:00 pm PST

*you can have any other hat if u don’t have a viking helmet

Cheats ‘n’ Glitches

here are some cheats n glitches

Super fast action

hold tab and scroll your mouse over scroll over reactors(i.e. puffles in puffle shop,pale and shovel at beach ect.ect.)

Walk on water glitch

1. Go to the dock

2. go down near the bottom of the dock ( a little under the tubes )

3. Now click on balistic biscut.

4. You should of walked right over the water.

Editing peoples igloos

1. Go to your igloo

2. go somewhere far away from your igloo

3. click on your igloos door

4. while you are going to your igloos door click on edit your igloo

5. when you get to the door and the map comes up go to someones igloo, and you can edit there furniture ( does not stay the way you edit it though )

How to put wall furniture on the floor, and how to put floor furniture on the wall.

1. Find a floor furniture that is in the top few rows of your inventory.

2. double click on it very fast.

3. press the tab button on your keyboard

4. Press enter.

5. There should be a floor item on your wall now, and you shouldnt be in edit mode.

Do the same thing to put a wall item on the floor except look for a wall item that is in the bottom few rows of your inventory.

Secret on bunny hill

1. Go and start sledding in bunny hill

2. If you are in the first slot in bunny hill press the down arrow key once. If you are in the second slot in bunny hill press the up arrow key once.

3. If done correctly you should go through the game withough crashing and getting every ice thing by only touching your keyboard once.

Score a goal in hockey 100% of the time!

1. Make sure the hockey puck is in the center of the rink.

2. Hold tab and click on the puck. ( you should walk right on it)

3. Click on one of the goals and the puck will go into it

Walk on mine shaft

1.go on the left side on the right side

3.when yur about to hit the mine shaft press the +/= button

4.keep clicking on each side so u don’t go off

(note this only works on internet explorer.)

Use wistle without sound or waving on your player card

2.put on wistle

3.exit player card and hold W

5.let go after 2 seconds

(note: if you already have the wistle on still open and close your player card)

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